Sociology has proven a popular new choice for students making their transition from GCSE to A Level. The diverse content it covers allows students to engage with complex theoretical material in seeking to establish their own sociological view of the world, which many do. Sociology has links with subjects and fields such as History, Government and Politics, Psychology, Criminology, Law, Social Policy and Economics.

The aim of the Department is to provide a forum whereby students can learn to evaluate and critically analyse events in the world we live in.   Sociology as a subject allows students to assess a variety of everyday events as well as studies of society which have been open to more historical debate.

This has led students to develop their own extra-curricular learning opportunities through the use of technology and developing and leading their own ‘Sociological Superheroes’ club.


Course Progression

Related Courses and Careers

By studying Sociology this provides students with the basics in furthering their sociological knowledge of Families and Households, Education, Beliefs in Society and Crime and Deviance with a critical understanding of research methods underpinning this. As such it allows students to consider a number of related fields in terms of further study; students could consider future careers as a community worker, housing manager, information scientist, journalist, lecturer, human resources manager, the Police, prison governor, probation services, teaching, social worker or social researcher.