Student Leadership

As role models for the rest of the school, we encourage students in Sixth Form to take on leadership roles and positions of responsibility which allow them to have a positive impact as they inspire and serve the community.

Throughout their time in Sixth Form, students can become House Captains, Form Prefects, Subject Scholars, Cluster Scholars, Mental Health Champions, Mentors, Equity Prefects, Senior Prefects or Senior Officers. As well as Leadership roles students can also take part in our Townley Leadership Programme in the Lower Sixth.

Senior officers

Townley Grammar School 6th Form Senior Officers 2023-24The School Officers comprise of the Head students and Deputies. These students take up office in Upper Sixth and commit to a highly visible and responsible position within the school’s leadership. Working closely with the headteacher, the 6th form team and the Equity prefects, the school officers lead initiatives and act as ambassadors for internal and external events.

Senior prefects

The Senior Prefects assist the School Officers in their leadership role and work alongside senior members of staff. Senior Prefects are assigned to members of staff with specific areas of responsibility they assist and support where necessary. Their duties can often overlap with those of the Senior Officers and so they always work together as a team.

Equity prefects

Townley Grammar School 6th Form Equity Commission 2023-24The Townley Equity Prefects work collaboratively with the senior officers and senior prefects but also lead the Equity Commission, an all-year group collaborative initiative that aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the school. The Commission works with the school community to raise awareness of issues both societally and within the school as a whole and work to find a functional solution.

Subject and Cluster scholars

Maths ClusterThe Subject and Cluster Scholars are chosen by individual departments who select students who have excelled and exhibit a passion and commitment for that subject. Their duties can include leading clubs for the lower school, mentoring younger students and acting as ambassadors for that subject at key events. Subject Scholars are responsible for helping to promote their subject within the Sixth Form and also within the wider school community. They lead a wide range of clubs; Mathematics students might lead on ‘Alpha Beta’ and ‘Team Challenge’, Historians with ‘Horrible Histories’, Geographers with ‘Eco-Club’ and Computer Scientists leading in the ‘Computer Science Society’.

Senior House captains

Lower Sixth students can apply for the position of House Captain or Vice-Captain which carries considerable responsibility. They wear the House Tie and organise and run House activities across the school, competing for the coveted House Trophy. Part of their role includes hosting the House Breakfast for Year 11 students prior to their Sixth Form applications.