EDGE stands for ‘Explore, Discover, Grow, Engage’ and is a programme designed to introduce our students to theories and practical application of metacognition and self-regulation to reinforce teaching and learning that happens at Townley and help to build the foundations for effective learning at GCSE and beyond. EDGE days encourage students to work smarter, embodying school values, developing key skills and being better prepared for their Townley Learning journey. EDGE days are also fundamental in providing effective methods for retrieval, memory, learning and revision to support every individual in every subject within our curriculum.    Content has included the following:

  • KS3: Utilising Skills Builder – to create Challenge Days developing skills of students at KS3 (listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork)
  • Operation Moonbase
  • Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • KS4 and KS5: theories and their application (Learning Scientists) to develop self-regulation and metacognition linked to learning journeys and revision (developing the use of spaced practice); key collaboration with Learning Performance affords a bespoke model, tailored to student needs.
  • External engagement: SSRM, Habits of Mind Skills Builder, Learning Performance
  • Professional Development

In addition to the bespoke CPD programme that runs at Townley Grammar throughout the academic year, opportunities are regularly offered to all staff such as:

  • SSAT Programmes such as The Middle Leadership Programme, The Legacy Project and The Aspiring Headteacher programme
  • NPQs
  • Membership and/or Fellowship at The Chartered College for Teaching and Learning
  • MA certificates in Education- National College Teaching
  • Google Workspace for Education Training with Gtech and Canopy Education