At Townley Grammar School we aim to deliver a History curriculum that helps pupils gain a deeper understanding of Britain and the wider world.  History is a subject which can fire the imagination of pupils and inspire curiosity about the past.

Pupils are equipped to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.  At Townley we aim to deliver a curriculum that demonstrates the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change and the diversity of societies throughout the ages.


Curriculum Progression

Student Testimony

GCSE History is a great chance to expand on not only your knowledge of the world but your writing skills as well. I have learnt to develop my analytical and organisational skills. History is my favourite subject and there is no doubt I am taking it for A Level.
Gloria, 11 Hera

History covers a range of topics that are all quite different but always interesting. The Cold War topic was my favourite
Faith, 11 Hera

I like all the different topics in GCSE History, I especially enjoyed the more recent topics such as the civil rights movement. It is interesting to learn about things that happened not that long ago and still have an effect today. The skills I gained in History have helped me in my other essay-based subjects.
Fathia, 11 Artemis

"I like it because it is interesting and factual. It helps me to learn and appreciate the past."
Lucila 8 Hera

"I enjoy history because it teaches us a lot about the past and how our ancestors used to live, and we can compare to the modern period."
Omolara 8 Hera 

"I enjoy the GCSE History greatly. Our areas of study are engaging and surprising relevant! I particularly enjoyed the Cold War topic as it helped expand my general knowledge and develop my views on politics and international relations. My writing and debating skills have improved and I'm now more passionate about the past."
Shruti 11 Artemis

Left Photo: Year 9  Visit from Holocaust survivor Uri Winterstein (July 2022)
Right Photo: Year 7 Visit to Hall Place (June 2022)

Related Careers

The skills that you will develop over the two year course are valuable and very well respected by universities as a facilitating subject.  They will help you to make informed judgements. These skills are useful for a wide range of future areas of study and careers. Many students study History and then go on to work in the legal field, accountancy, journalism, teaching, research - there are so many careers which History is useful for and  you can do well in it and this is what colleges, universities and employers are looking for.

Why choose History?

  • It is a very useful and academic subject with many transferable and the type that employers and universities are looking for
  • It is part of the English Baccalaureate
  • The Department has a consistent success record in helping students achieve strong exam results.