Townley 21c

Logo of Townley 21c - 21st Century Education21c is a facet of the curriculum seeking to give students opportunities to develop their creativity, critical thinking and oracy skills - whilst creating a space to share ideas, practice disciplined dialogue and build relationships founded on an appreciation of multiplicity of opinions. The aim is to empower students to imagine new possibilities rather than follow established paths and author future narratives rather than uncritically abide by the status quo. The vision is for our students to:

  • Explore and question existing ideas
  • Communicate clearly and creatively
  • Engage with the 21st century’s emergent opportunities

Structure of the 21c curriculum

21c sessions are about sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration. 21c is built around 21 questions we invite our students to engage with over the duration of their journey at Townley. 
These are formulated around three key themes emergent from the changes, challenges, and opportunities of the 21st century.

Each year, every year group is challenged with three Big Questions (one per theme), which are the core of a topic, with each topic progressing as follows:

Logo of Townley 21c - 21st Century EducationStudent outcomes & Townley symposiums

The 21c journey will provide students with an additional breadth of knowledge and holistic opportunities that further enrich their educational experience and provide a unique, bespoke experience for Townley students.
Students will be given the opportunity to showcase what they have discovered over the course of each 21c topic.  The form and format of their response to the topic is not pre-determined, encouraging them to bring their passions and creativity to the formulation and presentation of their responses.

21st Century Teaching

Icon of Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
Looking at problems in a new way and linking across subjects and disciplines
Icon of Communication Communication
Sharing thoughts, questions and ideas
Icon of Collaboration Collaboration
Working together to reach a goal
Icon of Creativity Creativity
Trying new approaches to get things done in an innovative and inventive manner