Community Outreach

At Townley we aim to serve not just our students but also our community and prepare our girls to make a real difference in society. Below are some of the ways we achieve this.


Townley aspires to be at the heart of our local community. We recognise the responsibility we have not only to our school community but the wider and surrounding communities that make Townley such a welcoming and special place. We understand that partnerships should be reciprocal so we support local initiatives and are always ready to learn from others to further enrich and educate our school community.

One of our most longstanding partnerships is with Bexley Women’s Aid who support our students through our Character and Wellbeing programme with bespoke in person workshops from years 8 to 6th form on a range of issues including: Healthy/safe relationships, consent, types of abuse and making wise choices. We value this partnership immensely and work with the charity to further advocate for and publicise their work.

Townley works directly with Active Horizons, a BAME youth empowerment charity, the relationship has been established for a year and has grown, with Active Horizons now placed in our student hub.

Alongside these partnerships, our students actively participate and advocate for change through their contributions to the Irish Community Project. Students record and create podcasts with the Irish Community Group (click on link below) to further develop intergenerational understanding and harmony. Podcast Recording

Most recently, Townley students have been partnering with organisations in Bexleyheath to redevelop the town centre  in the “High Streets for All” project. Bexleyheath has been successful in securing investment from the Greater London Authority as part of the High Streets for All programme. Excitingly young people at Townley have had the opportunity to contribute to the future plans and play a key role in reshaping the way the town centre serves the community in a more inclusive, positive and intergenerational manner.

Once again, this shows Townley at the heart of our local community.

In September 2022, Townley students won the Youth Entrepreneurial Challenge in Bexleyheath- this demonstrated not only our students being active change agents for the good of the community, but a further opportunity for them to develop their character and build the subtle skills of communication, teamwork and resilience needed to be successful change agents.

STEM Roadshow

Townley Grammar are now working with local primary schools and bringing the wonder of STEM into school with our STEM Roadshow. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The aim of these workshops is to engage both teachers and students with a series of easily repeatable fun and practical activities that establish an appreciation for STEM. We hope to inspire and encourage children to explore and participate in STEM, sparking their imagination and curiosity.

Our Roadshow Team consisting of STEM teaching staff and Senior STEM Leaders (Year 13 students with a passion in their chosen subject) visit KS1 and KS2 children in local primary schools, demonstrating ‘hands-on’ activities showing children that STEM subjects are both fun and interesting. Science is all around us, technology is forever changing and expanding, engineering –how was the chair we sit on made? And, mathematics is in every part of our everyday lives, buying groceries, following a recipe!

For further information on our STEM Roadshows, how to book and how to get involved, please contact

Workshops can be tailored for KS2 classes and some workshops for KS1.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Safer Internet Day

We celebrated Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February 2019. The focus was on raising awareness about giving "consent" on line. The week started off with Form Tutors delivering sessions in CWB lessons and discussing with forms what it means to give consent on-line. Students across the Year groups were invited to create a positive pledge on using social media safely. This also complements the school's Work Kindly initiative this year in creating a positive environment both on and off line for the school community.

Thank you to all our students who took part in the activities held at the Safer Internet Day Hall Fair, the students prepared stands on different social media apps and gave out information on how to stay safe on line, promoting the school's "Whisper" tool for students to report their online safety concerns, as well as themed games, sharing an emoji biscuit, the biggest SID Kahoot quiz ever. Year 9 Artemis held a bake sale to support the event and all proceeds will go to their house charity. The event was a huge success! This is the fourth year that Townley has run a SID campaign and made the biggest noise! Thank you to everyone who supported and came along to the event it really embodied the values of the school.

Townley Students you are Awesome!