The Art Department at Townley has long been a flourishing, diverse and exciting place to work for students and staff alike. Our desire is to ensure all students fulfil their creative potential in the areas of Art, Craft and Design.

The Art Department strives to ensure curriculum balance and is continually developing a multi-disciplinary approach to the work we produce. The Art Department develops strong links to the community, higher education, as well as practising artists and designers, including the Saatchi Gallery.

We have a clear policy with regards to the exhibition of Art, Craft and Design throughout the school, which showcases artworks demonstrating the immense pool of artistic talent at our school.

All students’ progress is tracked and monitored in all Key Stages to ensure consistent and relevant feedback in order to develop aesthetic awareness irrespective of practical ability, to promote intelligent thought through Art.

At Townley, we understand and recognise an individual's ability to create and endeavour to create an environment that will allow this to flourish.


Course Progression

Student Testimony

"A GCSE in Art and Design develops your ability to think in a creative and independent manner. During the two-year course, students undertake three coursework projects, Abstraction, Identity and Contrasts in addition to a further assignment set by the exam board. All projects allow you to develop your technical skills whilst encouraging you to take your work in a direction that particularly interests you. These can include painting, photography, sculpture, fashion, mixed media and many others".
Elaine Year 10 

Related Careers

There is an increasing demand for creative and innovative people in industry and business; Art and Design students are such people. The number and variety of courses available to students wishing to continue their studies to degree standard is wide and exciting. These include: architecture, interior design, photography, printmaking, film/TV/audio visual, illustration, fashion design, model making for film/TV, special effects and animation, textiles, theatre design, jewellery design, exhibition, gallery, museum display, art history, painting, sculpture, specialist art teaching to name but a few.