Life in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form at Townley, we seek to inspire our students to develop into confident, articulate and independent young people who are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of life. We carefully manage the transition from the highly structured nature of Year 11 in preparation for Higher Education and beyond and provide students with wide-ranging academic and pastoral support to ensure that all students can thrive academically and personally.

The Sixth Form team

The Sixth Form team, consisting of the Head of Sixth Form, the Y12 and Y13 Learning Managers, the Assistant Learning Manager and the Sixth Form administrator, are a dedicated team who support students with all aspects of their academic studies and pastoral care and ensure that every student in Sixth Form benefits from the best experiences during their time in Sixth Form.


Students are allocated to a tutor group for the duration of Sixth Form. Groups are small enough in size to allow for a strong relationship to be established between tutor and tutees.  The subjects studied by students in each tutor group will be similar and are matched, as closely as possible, to the area of the tutor’s expertise. Tutors see students every day and provide mentoring, career and subject advice and help students with their overall wellbeing.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Electives Guide

We actively encourage Sixth Form students to get involved with all aspects of the school and the extra-curricular aspect of the Sixth Form is highly valued. Students are encouraged to set up and run enrichment activities as well as societies either through a personal interest or within their departments. Enrichment activities run at lunchtime or after school but are also an integral part of our elective programme in Y12 and our Wellness Wednesday programme in Y13.

Sixth Form events

Our Sixth Form calendar is packed with exciting events organised  for a variety of purposes whether this be to raise money for charities, showcase talent or build relationships. Children in Need, the Sixth Form talent show, the Y12 vs Y13 sports competitions, our team building days are just a few examples.