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Why study Politics? If you are interested in understanding how and why decisions on the governance of the UK and USA are made, then this is the course for you. A Level Politics teaches a range of skills highly valued by employers and Russell Group universities, including the critical thinking and evaluation skills increasingly needed to navigate the modern world. It’s focus on applying political theory to real-time, real-life political developments will hone your oracy and writing skills as you deepen your knowledge of how the British system of government works, enhancing your political awareness as you debate topical issues in a structured way.

It is well respected as an A Level subject and students combine it with History, Law, Geography, RS, Languages, English as it works well and complements most subjects.


Course Progression

Key Stage 5 Politics (A Level)

We recognise that this is a new area of study for the vast majority of students so we do not assume prior knowledge.  A minimum of a grade 6 GCSE in a Humanities subject.

Assessment Structure

Year 12 Course Overview

In year 12 the course will focus on Government and Politics in the UK. Areas of study include democracy, participation, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, elections and referendums, pressure groups and the constitution. There will also be an introduction to political theory including liberalism, conservatism and socialism

Year 13 Course Overview

The year will begin with a conclusion to the study of political theory including a study of feminism and we will embark on a study related to American politics. The same themes will be considered in relation to America as in year 12 for the UK eg. Congress, the President, the constitution. There will be a comparison between the 2 systems of government and their workings.

Related Courses and Careers

If you choose to study politics to degree level you will find out about the theories and practices of power and governance, from local to international level. There is many politics and politics related course to follow at university, eg Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The University of Oxford and London School of Economics (part of the Russell Group) will usually make offers which involve at least one A* and two A grades

Essex:   AAB-ABB

Sussex:  ABB

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