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Townley Grammar School Sixth Form 
16-19 Bursary Fund Guidance

Students aged between 16 and 19 years facing financial hardship whilst in full-time education, may be eligible to receive a payment from the 16-19 Bursary Fund. Schools, colleges and training providers have been given responsibility for awarding bursaries to students, which includes decisions on the amount, when it is paid and the criteria for payments. 

Bursary payments are made directly to students’ bank accounts by bank transfer

Bursary 16 to 19 Applications

Welcome to the Townley Grammar Bursary Application system.


All students are welcome to apply for a bursary; we will be in touch following a completed application to let you know the outcome.

Ms. Papen
Assistant Head Teacher (In charge of Sixth Form)



Students must be aged 16 or over, but under 19 years on 31st August 2024 to be eligible for help from the bursary fund in the 2023-24 academic year and must have the legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom at the start of their study programme. Students must also satisfy the following conditions to continue to receive the bursary: 

• The student must not have unauthorised or unexplained absence from lessons/school 

• The student must continue to meet Sixth Form expectations in relation to attendance, punctuality, submission of work assignments and general conduct. 

Types of Bursary 

Vulnerable Bursary Up to £1,200 
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Students currently in local authority care 
  • Students who have recently left local authority care
  • Students in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in their own name.
  • Students in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments in their own right, as well as Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit 
  • Students must demonstrate that the funds are required for essential costs, as defined below, and must demonstrate this by completing a Statement of Need
Payment: Payment will be made in 10 monthly instalments, October to July, by bank transfer direct into the student’s bank account.  
Discretionary Bursary
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Students currently in receipt of Free School Meals and/or Universal Credit, or whose gross annual household income is less than £20,000
  • Students must demonstrate that the funds are required for essential costs, as defined below, and must demonstrate this by completing a Statement of Need
  • The sum awarded will be at the school’s absolute discretion, and assessments will be conducted based on income, circumstances in the household (such as the number of dependent children), identified need and the number of applications received. 
  • Cash awards will be payable in 10 monthly instalments, October to July
  • Payments can also be made ‘in kind’ for some requirements, such as contributions towards trips linked to the student’s course.

Essential Costs 

The bursary fund is intended to help students with the essential costs of participating in their study programme, such as public transport costs to and from school; essential books and equipment; specialist clothing that the student might need in order to participate in the course, such as protective overalls or sports kit; contributions towards course-related activities and visits. 

The bursary fund is not intended to support costs not related to education (e.g. living costs), extra-curricular activities where these are not essential to the student’s study programme, or provide learning support such as counselling, mentoring or extra tutoring.

Application Process 

Eligible students should apply for the bursary as soon as possible after enrolment in September for Year 12, and/or soon after progressing to Year 13, by completing the application form available to download from the Sixth Form section of the Townley Grammar School website. Completed applications, with copies of supporting evidence, should be submitted to the Townley Grammar School Sixth Form office. Initial applications must be submitted by Friday 22nd  September 2023. 

Assessments will be conducted in October, January and April each year to confirm, review and/or authorise ongoing payments. The school reserves the right to cease payments to a student where their level of attendance or behaviour falls below the expectations of the Sixth Form.


Guidance Documents

Townley Grammar School Sixth Form Bursary Fund Guidance 2023-24

Townley Grammar School Sixth Form Bursary Application form 2023-24

Townley Grammar School Sixth Form Bursary FAQ's


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