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Townley Year Group Key Dates Our School Information Year Group Key Dates

Year 7 - Key Dates

Year 7 - Key Dates

December 2023 - Report 1:
Effort/behaviour/ independent study only not attainment

March 2024 - Report 2:
Effort/behaviour/ independent study and attainment

Wednesday1st – Friday 3rd May 2024
Core exams (English/Maths/Science)

Thursday 6th June 2024
Year 7 Parents Evening (virtual event)

Year 8 - Key Dates

Year 8 - Key Dates

w/b Monday 6th November 2023
Progress check 1

w/b Monday 5th February 2024
Progress check 2

Thursday 8th February 2024
Social Media Event (evening)

Tuesday 19th March 2024
Year 8 EDGE Day

w/b Wednesday 1st May 2024
Year 7-9 core exams

Wednesday 8th May 2024
Year 8 HPV vaccinations

Thursday 20th June 2024
Year 8 Parents Evening (virtual)

Year 9 Key Dates

Year 9 Key Dates

Monday 13th November 2023
progress check 1

Wednesday 31st January 2024
Wednesday, Year 9 Stem Day

Tuesday 6th February 2024
Internet Safety Day

Wednesday 21st February 2024
Wednesday Year 9 Options Eve

Thursday 14th March 2024
Thursday Year 9 Parents Eve

Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd May 2024
KS3 Core Exams

Tuesday June 25th 2024
Year 9 EDGE Expectations Evening

Monday 1st July
Progress check 3

Thursday 4th July 2024
First Give final (CWB unit) - external company runs materials prepared in form/ booklet

Year 10 Key Dates

Year 10 Key Dates

16th November 2023
Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Week beginning 11th December 2023
Autumn Term Initial KS4 Report (traffic light)

5th March 2024
Year 10 Expectations Evening- parents/ carers invited

Week beginning 11th March 2024
Spring Term Progress check

23rd April – 1st May 2024
Year 10 Internal Examinations (Mocks)

Week beginning 1st July 2024
Summer Term Full Report

Year 11 Key Dates

Year 11 Key Dates

Tuesday 28th November - Friday 8th December
Year 11 Internal Examinations

Thursday 9th November
Sixth Form Information Evening

Thursday 1st February
(physical event) Year 11 Parents Evening

Wednesday 27th March
Year 11 Celebration Evening - Parents/Carers invited

Thursday 9th May - Monday 24th June
Public examinations - (to be confirmed by the exam board)

Thursday 22nd August
GCSE Results Day

Year 12 Key Dates

Year 12 Key Dates

15th December 2023
Yr12 'Traffic Light' progress check

23rd February 2024
Year 12 Full Reports

21st March 2024
Year 12 Virtual Parents’ Evening

15th to 22nd April 2024
Year 12 Mock Exams

Year 13 Key Dates

Year 13 Key Dates

Monday 20th to Monday 27th November 2023
Internal Examinations

w/c 29th January 2024
Year 13 Full Reports

Thursday 9th May - Monday 24th June 2024
(to be confirmed by the exam board)
Public examinations

Friday 28th June 2024
Head Girl's Day

Saturday 29th June 2024
Year 13 Leavers' Ball

Thursday 15th August
A Level Results Day 2024

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