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Townley Grammar GCSE Options

Townley Townley Grammar GCSE Options Our School Years 7-11 GCSE Options

Choosing your GCSE Options can seem like a daunting process. Making a decision and choosing which subjects you will study in Years 10 and 11 requires careful thought to make the right choices.

The Options Evening will be the ideal opportunity to explore the Options further. You will also have a chance to speak to the subject teachers and/or curriculum leaders regarding specific queries that arise from the presentations each department will be delivering about the activities and opportunities they offer.

The Parents' Evening is designed to allow you to meet with your teachers, discuss your progress as well as discuss your suitability for studying the subject further.

Year 8 Social Media Event

We will also be hosting a Year 8 Social Media event, this event will take place in the Summer term.

GCSE Options Booklet

The GCSE Options Booklet is a guide to help simplify the information you need to make your decisions. The booklet details your choices and how you should go about making them and provides clear and straightforward descriptions of each subject choice with essential information.

GCSE Options Guide 2023-2024




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