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What is the Townley Piano project?

We are raising funds to buy new pianos for Townley. We want to buy a new grand piano for the Hall, one or two upright pianos for our Music practice rooms and we also hope to carry out some repairs on some of the instruments we already have.

How much do we need to raise?

Our target is just over £26,000. This will allow us to buy instruments of the highest quality, which will last for many years and be played and heard by thousands of students. A piano has 88 keys, so we can break it down as £300 per key! We are applying for funding from various sources, but we need your help too.

What is happening?

1. Piano Week

25th-29th September 2023

Our friends at Yamaha Music London are lending us a grand piano like this one for a week. It will be put in the school entrance hall by the main reception and we want to play it all day, every day for a week! We are asking all our students and staff who play the piano to any standard and in any style to consider taking a turn. If you play a different instrument or sing, and could perform a piece with piano accompaniment, we also want to hear from you. We need everyone to join us!

We will have a donation point and performers will be able to invite a small audience to hear them play. Our entrance hall and the stairway and corridors surrounding it will be filled with music, and we will join together as a school community in this exciting musical fundraising challenge.

2. Fundraising Concert

Tuesday 26th September 2023, 7.00pm

We will hold an evening concert showcasing the piano in the main hall. Soloists, small groups and our extra-curricular groups will be invited to perform in a diverse range of styles and genres – all featuring the piano.

3. Sponsored events

We are asking students to consider organising their own sponsored events over the summer holidays. You could:

  • Teach yourself to play a new instrument using YouTube, an app or an online tutorial—ukulele, guitar or keyboard are great ones to try. Give yourself a deadline to learn a particular piece by, then perform it live or record a video to share with your sponsors
  • Practise your instrument for 20/30/40 minutes every day for a set time (e.g. 2 weeks), get family/friends to sponsor you, and create a tick sheet signed by a parent to say you have completed the sessions
  • Do a sponsored walk, run, read etc (it doesn’t have to be musical!)

How do I get involved?

The Townley Piano Sponsor Form

Join the project hub via Google Classroom to sign up for a performance slot in the Piano Week, volunteer to play in the concert, download a sponsor form, let us know how much you raise over the summer and keep up to date with news on the project. We will update the hub regularly with our progress towards the target.

You can also speak to one of the Music Leaders, Mrs Bryant or Miss Magee for more information.

You can donate directly to the project here:


Click here to donate to the Townley Piano Project










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