Year 11 Team

Student Size H Shetty M Fitzgerald Student Size L Blazby

Ms Hita Shetty
Learning Manager

Mrs Martina Fitzgerald
Assistant Learning Manager

Mrs Linda Blazeby
Assistant Head Pastoral 

The Year 11 Team consists of myself Hita Shetty as Learning Manager and Martina Fitzgerald as Assistant Learning Manager.  Linda Blazey, Assistant Head Pastoral, overseas the Learning Manager for all years and works closely with each member of the team.

There is a strong team of house tutors who work closely with the individual students. As Learning Manager for Year 11  I liaise with Subject and Cluster Leaders to track and monitor student progress. Data is provided by the data manager Mrs Maddison for us to analyse student performance. We all work closely with the student services to ensure the pupils are given support and guidance when necessary.

Year 11 is the final year of GCSE studies and there is a real focus on effort, commitment and achievement. All students are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities and where possible take the lead in school events. There is a study skills work shop in the Autumn term prior to their mock examinations, revision classes later in the year and a Maximise Potential session in the build up to their final summer examinations. Year 11 are preparing for the transition into sixth form and are guided through this process, considering A Level subjects and future career paths. High expectations are set and all students encouraged to do their very best.


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