This week we welcomed ex students from all the decades to revisit the school and come and have a look at the school archives. Plus enjoy a tour of the school and see how much it has changed as well as chat to current staff and students over tea and cake.

Many thanks to all of our ex-students for coming to visit us here at Townley.

A special mention goes to our lovely ex-students for their enthusiasm and their comments about the school.

Jenny & Marie (1960's) both agreed,  "It has really moved me to come and see the school and see the opportunities the students have." 

Iris and Nicky (1970's) ex students, "It was lovely to come and see the school not only as ex-students but ex-parents and PTA as well!"

Thank you as well for for sharing your memories as well as photo's especially the ones of the old school blue dresses!

We look forward to welcoming more visitors tomorrow.







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