Year 7 at Townley


Townley Grammar is one of four selective schools in the London Borough of Bexley and is a single sex grammar school admitting girls in Year 7, with boys in the Sixth Form. Our students represent a wide socioeconomic background and a diverse cultural and ethnic society, making it a richly diverse environment.

We do not operate a super selective system whereby only those with the top scores are admitted and yet we are amongst the highest performing schools in the country. We achieve this by ensuring that those who join us are genuinely able. The Bexley tests have been developed by CEM so that they are not susceptible to the intensive coaching that has been privately paid for and dominate some selective areas. Year 7 students join us having demonstrated real ability and having developed a work ethic appropriate for academic success.

Once here students can learn in an environment where their peers and their parents value education for its own sake, where teachers understand how to challenge and where the range of extracurricular activities opens up new worlds and possibilities.

Education should inspire students to value learning for its own sake: to take joy from the pursuit of ideas and the struggle to understand. This learning challenge is what we term Scholastic Endeavour and our students are encouraged to engage in academic study at all levels.

With such an education our girls have a duty to grow into young women who desire to improve the world for others. As leaders of the future they learn to give and the value of service. As such voluntary work is extensive.

I believe every student should have the opportunity to be extraordinary through developing academic, physical and emotional confidence. This means having the courage to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

That is why our motto is

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"



Desmond Deehan


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